Franchise Law with Glenn Duker

Australians love the business franchise model

In todays episode of LawBizNews, Glenn covers the very important issues surrounding franchise law for both a franchisee perspective, as well as the a franchisor.

Is Franchise Model is it Right for You?

  • Understand the in’s and out’s when you undertake to an existing business system before you sign.
  • What are you REALLY buying?
  • What are you taking into consideration to know a franchise will succeed.
  • What are the marketing systems in place, the dollars paid and what do you recieve and so much more.

Considering Franchising?

This is a a must listen episode if you are considering buying into a franchise.


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Glenn Duker

Principal Lawer at PCL Lawyers
Glenn Duker is the Principal Lawyer at PCL Lawyers.Glenn is a journalist and podcaster at is available for consultation on 1300 907 335
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