Soaring temperatures and soaring electricity prices spells death to our elderly

The cost of electricity has risen inexorably in recent years and is set to rise again this year. If you are gainfully employed, it may annoying – but not enough to take action. If you are a low income earner, or worse still a pensioner, it is blatantly unfair that our political leaders (nearly all of them) stand idly by while pensioners, who have helped make this country what it is – and before many of us were even born, are left to deal with the reality of not being able to afford a basic service like electricity, as and when required:

Hundreds of Victorians will die as a result of this week’s heatwave, a leading climate researcher predicts.

Professor Neville Nicholls, from Monash University, said the state’s mortality rate was likely to jump by at least 50 per cent as the mercury climbed above 40 degrees for three days running and was forecast to reach 44 degrees on Friday.

“There will be a substantial increase in people passing away, particularly among vulnerable groups, who tend to be the elderly…”

Maybe its time for change in the law guys. The ”privatisation” of electricity horse has already bolted; but to our politicians I say – how about changing the law the prevents these absurd price hikes or, at the least, making sure that our elderly don’t die because they could’t afford to keep the air conditioner turned on? It is a sad indictment on our system that more is not done to guarantee these basic essentials to those who have given so much to our nation.


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